We Have Something for Every Age Group


We love making each child’s party a day they’ll never forget.    The birthday child gets to stay in the animal enclosure for the entire zoo if they want to–while we rotate their friends through. The children will sit on little stools (which we bring), and we give them mats to put in their laps, and then we hand them animals to hold throughout the zoo. Our zoo is unique & kids get a lot of one-on-one time with our animals 


Do you need a fun activity for your kids this summer?  We’ll bring a selected few of our animals to your backyard, and your kids and their friends can enjoy a mini petting  zoo and playing with our party animals.  We will bring a few of our furry friends.  You can pick which animal breed we bring.  This activity is for 5 children or less.

Field Trips

Go along with Abel as he visits and feeds his animals and get time to hold and feed all of our animals. Our aim is to allow children and youth an opportunity to interact with our animals in their own environment and learn about animal husbandry. Our Party Animals Field Trip we will instruct children about animal behavior and animal management.  

Formal Events

Whether you are hosting a  wedding, black-tie event, bachelor or bachelorette party, or gala, Party Animals  creates a memorable and unique experience for guests of all ages! Party Animals delivers that spark of joy and happiness to your event that guests will remember long after the party is over.  

Grown up Parties 

Looking for a fun and relaxing way to de-stress at your office? A Party Animals  office party is a great way to bond with your team members, while connecting with our snuggly animals.   We offer our  “Hoppy” Hour   for Adults, college students, and businesses.  It's a great way to unwind and relax with some snuggly  friends.

Pet Therapy

Party Animals  pet therapy sessions provide one-on-one connections with our cuddly, lap-sized animals.  Seniors love  reminiscing about their own pets and animal experiences. and they love petting our furry friends.
We offer monthly or  bi-monthly visits