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Common Questions About Party Animals

How Do I Book a Party?

Please use the online request form to ensure you have given us the information required. You can also email us directly at info@sbpartyanimals,com. We will work with you to schedule a date and time, collect your deposit and customize your event.  

what Age is the petting zoo appropriate for?

The petting zoo is great for all ages. The adults enjoy the animals just as much as the children. We always plan our staffing according the the ages and numbers of people at your event. In some circumstances, we can offer a discount if parents or adults can volunteer to help out. 

how does the petting zoo work?

We have a unique, organized, and safe setup where children sit comfortably on one of our stools with a mat on their lap. Children get to hold animals in a calm and controlled environment where the focus is on the safety of the animals.  

Are Your animals healthy?

All our pets are vaccinated yearly, wormed regularly and feed twice a day. We have veterinary health certificates for all of our animals upon request.

what do you provide?

We provide everything needed for a safe and calm petting zoo. For our kid’s zoos, we include hand sanitizer, fencing, kid-sized stools and mats to protect from messes or scratches. We also have staff members in the pen with children at all times to help with the proper handling of the animals and to answer any questions children may have

Do your animals bite?

All of our animals are handled from newborns and are tame and friendly. All animals have teeth, so if your child sticks his/her finger in the animal’s mouth there is a chance of getting a little nibble. But we give careful supervision over all the child/animal interactions.

What if it rains?

If there is a light rain we can do a smaller size petting zoo under a tent, carport, or in a garage. If you need to cancel due to inclement weather, (within 24 hours),  your deposit will be refunded or your party can be re-scheduled

Will there be a mess?

There’s no need to worry, any ‘mess’ made by the animals is cleaned up right away and taken with us when we leave!

Do I have to pay the deposit?  Is it refundable?

The deposit is non-refundable and ensures we can recover some of the administrative expenses if you decide to cancel. If inclement weather causes you to cancel at least 24 hours before the start of your event, your deposit is refundable or transferable to another event.